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Wessex Garage Doors

Wessex Garage Doors are based in Verwood, Dorset. Set up in the 1980's using the skills base of the South Coast boat building industry, Wessex have become Europe's leading glass fibre garage door manufacturer. All their doors, whether gloss white or a specific woodgrain colour, are hand laid in moulds and are made-to-measure at no extra cost.

wessex garage doors uk

Hormann and Garador use Wessex as their approved supplier for GRP door panels. With the demise of Henderson Garage Doors in 2010, Wessex, once owned by the short-lived Henderson / Cardale Group, now have new owners and are going from strength to strength.
The newly formed Cardale garage door company still supply Wessex with the canopy Safe-lift and Maximiser retractable gear kits and steel frames.
GRP doors are ideal for customers who simply want low maintenance or where rot-proof building products are essential, such as coastal locations where steel quickly rusts away and timber requires constant maintenance.
Wessex make a very wide range of door styles, in sizes from 5ft 6ins wide to 16ft wide. Their 2 Crown door has neat visible bracings on the back of the door, has 2 layers of GRP and is their entry level door, well priced and ideal for price-conscious makeovers etc. The 3 Crown door has a 3rd layer of glass fibre on the back of the door, over the steel bracings, making it stronger and less translucent. The 4 Crown door has a smooth, white inside face, ideal for certain garages. 5 Crown doors look the same as a 4 Crown, but have an insulated foam core.

Wessec Crown Wessex 2 Crown Interior Face
Wessex Crown Wessex 3 Crown Interior Face
Wessex Crown Wessex 4 Crown Interior Face

Wessex released a high quality GRP Sectional and insulated Sectional in approx. 2007. Available in Gloss White or numerous attractive woodgrain colours to replicate a true wood-look without the maintenance of natural timber.


wessex Vienna GRP Sectional