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Insulated Roller Garage Doors

Insulated Roller Door Details (77mm slat)

outside insulated roller garage door

The door curtain is constructed from 77mm foam filled aluminium slats approximately 15mm thick. All doors come fully automated as standard. All doors are made to measure at no additional cost.

aluroll insulated roller garage door

Insulated roller door with box housing mounted externally

motorbar box and track for garage doors

Picture shows powdercoated end plate slotted into guide channel (box removed for photo). Note motor fitted into main shaft for quietness and neatness.

inside insulated roller garage door

View of the rear of the door. Note the neat full box housing which is a standard feature on all Aluroll roller shutter doors. Two small and robust stainless steel handsets included, also wall mounted control switch and courtesy light.

reinforced section for insulated garage door

Triple brush/rubber Draught Seal in the powder coated guides means a very quiet operation and a draught free garage. The heavy duty double Base Seal prevents draughts and debris blowing under the door.

insulated foam filled garage door with draught seal

The size and cost of the Insulated Roller Door is calculated by the overall curtain width which includes the 90mm guides each side and the overall height including the 300mm roller box above.

Prices for Automatic Fully Boxed Insulated Roller Door- Standard Colours

Width2.503.003.50 4.004.605.20
2.00 954.00 1051.00 1154.00 1283.00 1412.00 1616.00
2.50 1005.00 1096.00 1205.00 1348.00 1476.00 1694.00

Woodgrain Laminate finishes are available in Golden Oak,Mahogany or Rosewood -
they are subject to a 20% surcharge on the above prices which inlude delivery. NB All Prices are Plus VAT.

Compact Insulated Roller Door Details (55mm slat)

aluroll compact insulated garage door

Available in 6 standard colours and 3 woodgrain laminatefinishes.

The Aluroll compact roller door gets it's name from the smaller box housing used to house the curtain. On doors with an overall height of upto 2400mm, the box is 205mm square. On doors over 2400mm high,the box is 250mm square.

The compact insulated roller door is constructed from 55mm deep foam filled aluminium slats approximately 8mm thick. Guidewidth 68mm.

All other details are the same as the classic door.

fitting options for aluroll garage doors

Doors are normally installed on the internal face. Fitting externally or between the reveals or a combination of fits is possible with this highly flexible product.

Quality installation service is available on this product. Click here,